Spurn Point Sunset

This is my first attempt at producing a lithograph style digital painting which has worked out to my satisfaction. The appearance of the sun reminds me of a ghostly deep-sea diver or maybe an alien. I’ve included enough texture in the image to produce an amazing printed result. I recommend the matt finish for both […]

Corridor of Dreams

My latest digital painting is a semi-abstract of a long, dream-like corridor showing a mysterious figure loitering far away at the end, while 2 young girls take time out to study. The corridor is located in the Underground Gallery at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. My original image was captured with a Nikon D90 camera fitted with […]

Time Flies

One of the great things about photography is being able to take an image and develop it into something new and different. I like to work with macro images and make them into more than they were originally but try and leave enough for the viewer to know what the starting point was. This image […]

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