Inquisitive Barbary Macaque

On a visit to the Monkey Forest at Trentham, this little chap came and sat beside me to pass the time of day. It’s a great place to watch and photograph monkeys, plenty of space for everyone and they are all fairly tame and used to the general noise and sight of humans. I decided […]

Spurn Point Sunset

This is my first attempt at producing a lithograph style digital painting which has worked out to my satisfaction. The appearance of the sun reminds me of a ghostly deep-sea diver or maybe an alien. I’ve included enough texture in the image to produce an amazing printed result. I recommend the matt finish for both […]

Mountain Stream in Winter

The title suits the image although it may be a little misleading as it’s more of a hill stream than mountain. This image was taken on a cold February day in 2010 at Wyming Brook on the west side of Sheffield with a Nikon D90 fitted with a VR 18-105mm zoom lens at a focal […]

Crashing Waves

Unless the weather is really windy, taking action shots of crashing waves can be difficult. To keep your feet dry, a good zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are essential tools. On this shot, the light wasn’t great so the ISO had to be boosted to catch the action. The shot was taken at Kynance […]

Portrait of a Young Lion

I’m not a great fan of photographing wildlife but sometimes it’s good to have your camera handy when timing and patience meet and pay off. This young lion is part of a large pride at Africa Alive! near Lowestoft in Suffolk. On my first pass all the lions were sleeping or behind wire mesh; just […]

Summer Meadow at Hardwick Park

I stopped off at Hardwick Hall to take a few images and decided to take a longer walk around the park and came across this beautiful undisturbed meadow. The image is an HDR transform of three exposures to gather detail from the sky and flowers. Taken on 15th June 2010 with my Nikon D90 and […]

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