Robin Hood’s Bay

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The lower part of Robin Hood’s Bay is a quaint, old village, with the cottages and houses built very close to each other. The alleyways and roads are twisting and narrow and there still remains an active, local population who live and work here.

This image is a 3 exposure HDR transformation, taken with a Nikon D90 fitted with a Nikon VR 18-105mm zoom lens at a focal length of 18mm.

The image is 4070 x 2688px at a resolution of 300dpi.

Some interesting information from the Fylingdales Local History Group:

In the 18th century, Robin Hood’s Bay was reportedly the busiest smuggling community on the Yorkshire coast. Its natural isolation, protected by marshy moorland on three sides, offered a natural aid to this well-organised business which, despite its dangers, must have paid better than fishing.

Smuggling at sea was backed up by many on land who were willing to finance and transport contraband. Fisherfolk, farmers clergy and gentry alike were all involved. Fierce battles ensued between smugglers and excise men, both at sea and on land, and Bay wives were known to pour boiling water over excise men from bedroom windows in the narrow alleyways. Hiding places, bolt holes and secret passages abounded. It is said that a bale of silk could pass from the bottom of the village to the top without leaving the houses.”

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