St. Michael’s Mount from Marazion

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I have always been captivated by the view across to St. Michael’s Mount from Marazion, since I first drove through there about 20 years ago. I must add that the place has hardly changed in the years in between.

This image was developed with 3 separate exposure shots, transformed with hdr software and finally post-processed with Photoshop CS5. It was taken on 11th July 2010 with a Nikon D90 fitted with a Nikon VR 18-200 zoom lens at a focal length of 18mm.

The image size is 4140 x 2754px at 300dpi resolution.

You can stroll across the causeway where, rumour has it, a legendary giant once walked or, at high tide,  boat hop to an island where modern life meets layers of history. There you will discover a medieval castle, a sub-tropical paradise and a close-knit island community and delve into the history of a fortress, a priory, a harbour and a home.

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